Haunted House

by The Man In Washington

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There's a shadow in the lake in the water where we swam There's a shadow There's a hole in my soul that I cannot figure out There's a shadow Give it up To him
What a mess. He's opened his heart to the worst and the best, but somehow the rest have snuck in; found an opening, they go to his head and they pull at the strings Nevertheless, business is running as usual at best Oh! How the lady protests! She takes off her dress, and soon she will see that you're not all you see Well in the past you brought to the table all of the scraps, maybe your judgement was lapsed. I'll give you a task: you'll work upon your back until you collapse Don't give it up
It's a curse and it works. Yes it works in the dirt where you collected all the bones. So you sit in your house wondering to yourself if you let the right one of us in. And we try hard to be not at all interesting, yes we dissolve into the curtains and the floorboards. And that's okay. As the sun was setting and we swam in the sea, wondering which one of us was gonna burn. So we say what me mean for the first time in years, yeah we say what we've always wanted to say. And it's okay Drag me away
I live in a haunted house, not sure at first but I've confirmed it now. I am convinced that God has cursed these walls. But we brought it on ourselves with all our sins and the lies we tell, we are a wayward bunch of strays and runaways. With these stories, I could write a book. I've seen the face at the windowpane, and I've heard the voice calling through the rain. I've seen the scratch on the back of the basement door. Got on my knees and I prayed it out, I got on the phone just to talk it out - but no one's listening, no one can help me any more. With these stories, I could write a book. All I know: I've done something I can't undo, I've made something I can't destroy - and I've brought him straight to you. Straight to you.
Memento Mori 05:24
The mis-shapen shape of the moon won't get us too far. But damn the days, your head I will open up. He knocked over the walls, but he knocked on the door - Victor Magik's got nothing on you except all of his clothes. Where did he go, this friend of mine? Amongst the misguided fools that reside in your mind? If I am near death, will you spare my life? Sorry girl, no promises until we get some information from you. Down the walls he'll see the blood from countless trials, while young Daedalus he sleeps restless, for so much time has passed. So pass the table salt and we'll make this natural, and I'll bide my time until you give me your mind. Where did he go, this friend of mine? Amongst the misguided fools that reside in your mind? If I am complete, then what task must I seek? You'll sit here in the dark and you'll whistle for me What you are is what we once were, what we are is what you will be. Memento Mori Memento Mori
It's so dark in here, I can barely see my own two hands stretched out in front of me. You turned the lights out and carved this tunnel such that there's only one path - I can feel your hands behind me pushing me, hurrying up. This is your greatest deceit, keeping me from seeing my own feet. I'm subject to your whims, to your ever changing moods - just give me a sign! Show me some light! I'll do anything you want! From this moment on, no questions asked, I'll pick up all your smiles and bear the brunt of your attacks. They say you hurt the ones you love the most. Or you love the ones you hurt the most. Or you love to hurt this one the most So you must have loved me quite a lot


In 1937, Evan Morgan, last Viscount of Tradegar House and an amateur black magician, held a dinner party for his distinguished guests whereupon they accidentally summoned the devil.

This is the true story of that fateful evening.


released April 23, 2015


all rights reserved



The Man In Washington Glasgow, UK

TMIW is a story-driven, alt/folk/rock project from Glasgow.

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