Sea Green

by The Man In Washington

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So, it's so easy this time. Without shoes the sand kisses toes. So I've swum all my life. But what life is there left for me? I can still hear church bells calling me even though that island for seventy years has been empty. Would it be so difficult if I just didn't surface this time? Down, down to the beach where it's quiet, the warm summer sun has gone, and no one would notice if I just slipped under the waves no one would notice I've gone. But to the casual observer it still seems like a murder, and all the nasty things that murder brings. The stigmata on my hands and your plans that I work these fields 'til I die and your plans that I sail theses seas 'til I die
Fire & Clay 03:27
I was made of fire, he was made of clay and I wish that hadn't changed us as much as it did but that's okay. He was born the righteous one, I could naught but stray I had hell within my heart, his filled up along the way but that's okay. I was born in arrogance, he was born to pray. I tried my hands at subservience, but my knees don't bend that way and that's okay. Fire will cleanse us all, melt your clay and mend your bones. Give us what we want, what we were told we wanted when we were very young. You're standing at the door between right and wrong. And you'll whisper in my ear that it's okay. I never stood a chance and I ended up in chains. He was led away by me, and then into the grave and that's okay.
Lack 03:37
She thought she'd caught a live one but he was just in his death throes. She gave him to the ocean and the ocean it swallowed him whole. Because that's the problem with curing, you have to be sick for oh so long, that when you finally get the vaccine, you wonder if everyone else was the problem. When I was young, I wished I could sail away. She's not scared anymore, she got away pretty fast. When I turned out the lights to catch her, I couldn't see in the dark. I was a royal mess, I didn't know myself, I was a bag of signs, but your prison is only as high as you build it.
I've got a restless heart, and you've got itchy feet. I always notice you, you always notice me. You've got a lot of work, and I guess I do too. And we are both aware of what we have to do. Smoking on the ride home. There's no one in front of me, there's no one behind either. But I'll turn all the lights out and keep on driving I will pretend that I am nowhere. And we are both away, dreaming separate dreams, but we'll meet in the middle and sew up our seams.
You are a clenched fist sticking stubbornly out of a mace head made out of snakes head; I can't see you for the coils. You want nothing more than to crush your enemies I'll use you to crush mine instead; and grow rich from all the spoils. You're not the bad news you thought you were. You are desperately writing me into a symphony so you can have the final say; while I feel your anger boil. You are a fruit that grew too ripe for the true that nourished it, so you punished it; I can't eat you because you're spoiled. I can't see you for the coils. You are climbing a pole and it's out of your control. You are selling your soul and it's out of your control.
Mercy 04:21
God have mercy on your soul, it's gonna need all the help it can get. We were born in silence, it's all we'll ever know, don't blame us we're expected to make ourselves at home. But I knew a man who traded dust for gold, and I got it turned around when I tried to follow his example. And now I don't know where I fit in, I feel like a footnote in somebody else's plan. The grey sea and the long black land, the yellow half moon large and low, startled little waves that leap in firey ringlets from their sleep. As I gain the cove with a pushing prow, and I quench the sea in the setting sun, we will meet at night and it will be a treat, and you can finally reveal your plan to love me forever! Because I'm in too deep, and when I recover sing me to sleep.
Inertia 04:42
Nothing but Inertia holding you from getting through If all of your pieces must be in line before you move on, it will take some time. Nothing but inertia, you did it once right now do it again a dozen times. Break it down into smaller chunks, don't give up, no table's made already laid. You must tackle these obstacles with us.
I have all this time but I don't know how to use it. I have this body, but all I do is abuse it. I have all this energy but upon nothing to spend I have many many favours but I don't have a friend. Every type of cloud is gathered here to witness the sunset Every type of cloud is gathered here to say bye-bye to the day It's hard moving forward without a routine on a small base I balance above a ravine. A thin sheet of ice trapped my paper boat, and when all hope is lost I turn my eyes skyward. Dedicate yourself to something bigger than yourself and you'll finally see how small you really are. And all your worries, cares and fears are tiny when you're up this far.
Oh, you are witnessing the death of everything you had come to know so insecurely. Leave me this final gift, grant me this last kiss under the sun, I died with my boots on. I fight at the feet of the martyrs; two eyes do rest in their heads, like you or I, they see the same sky. Leave the broken ones behind, let the ones who can fix themselves fix themselves, you are my only concern. They said don't worry son, we'll get you home in one piece to see your mother and father and niece. They lied about it all, the long the short the tall, you'll find your piece another casket please. The order given was mine, it couldn't have been undone. No place for your kind, in starstruck battlelines. Can we forgive and forget? Power went straight to her head no place for your kind, in startstruck battlelines.
Sea Green 05:53
I'm so sorry, I thought we were unbreakable, unbendable, unshakable. But I was hiding behind my battle lines you couldn't find me, No more sad songs. I know you're right and you know I am wrong. But when we're together why won't you look at me? Why won't you talk to me? I'll be with you whether you like it or not, I'll be lonely whether you like it or not. In truth, I miss you. No more sad songs, I know you're right and you know I am wrong, but I never say what I mean, my words all come out as a shade of Sea Green.


Sea Green is the true story of Calvin Greene, a man who lost his mind and lost his love so he went to sea alone to find God. It was re-told by The Man In Washington.

It features Chris Yeoh on vocals and guitar, Ramsey Marwan on Bass and vocals, and Laine Pearce-Rees on guitar and synths. It was recorded in Wiltshire and in the city of Bath. It was produced by Chris Yeoh and Laine Pearce-Rees. All samples are home-recorded or borrowed gratefully from

The album artwork is by Chris Yeoh. it is dedicated to the memory of Frank Whillock.


released February 20, 2016


all rights reserved



The Man In Washington Glasgow, UK

TMIW is a story-driven, alt/folk/rock project from Glasgow.

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